Friday, December 17, 2010

Less Than 3 Weeks Left...

I was walking Chewey yesterday, when I realized that I only have a few weeks left of freezing weather. That was kinda nice. :-) We finished the last episode of Dexter Season 5 last night. It's nice to watch a TV show that takes place in sweltering Miami during December in Salt Lake City.

Well, Grenada (Gren-AY-duh) is an independent country, after the Spanish, English, and French fought over it for years until the English got it until the 1970's. Grenada is a British Commonwealth Nation, which means the island is responsible for its own internal affairs, but Britain will be its defense. It's an island 100 miles north of Venezuela. It is 21 miles long and 12 miles wide, and 133 square miles. The temperature ranges from 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. It is known as the Spice Capital of the world--they provide 20% of the world's nutmeg. Grenada has great scuba-diving, great snorkeling, and mediocre surfing. The population is 110,000.

A medical degree is 4 years. The first two are academic. The third year is when the students begin their hospital rotations (remember the movie "Patch Adams?") St. George's University cannot support a 3rd-year student population that big, so students are shipped out to affiliated hospitals, most likely the east coast of the U.S. So that's why Ryan and I'll be in Grenada for only 2 years, and then will bounce back into our home country!