Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Delightful Holiday!

Ryan and I had a splendid holiday in the "Long Island" of Utah, aka Park City. (In Grenada, they don't say vacation, they say holiday like the British do.)

I did have two comical culture shocks:

One; as we left the SLC Airport, I was a little unnerved why no one was looking at me at all... and then I remembered that white people never stare at other white people! :-)

And Two; I almost told my mom about 3 times that she was driving on the incorrect side of the road. Oh boy.

Here are some fabulous pictures of the last 8 weeks or so on and off the island. And yes, I do realize that I am becoming that girl whose pictures widely consist of food and her dog.

"You guyz not leave wi'out me, wight?"

"Somefing's wrong with dis guy."

Where's the Chewey?

Chicken Cordon Bleu with white wine cheese sauce & Grilled Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.

Baby brothers Spencer (left) and Emerson (right). (Yes, they're both a head taller than me.)

My pretty momma enjoying her Christmas present. And it gets better: I gave her a yoga class before, she took a bubble bath after dinner, and went to bed at 10 pm. Yep, Best Present Award goes to Ryan & Jessi this year!

Yom yom yom!

Amazing Dinner #2 per Chef Ryan: his bday meal. Lovely green Harvest salad! (Avocados were me. Thank you.)

Lobster Bisque (Fat Free, Weight-Loss Enhancing, & Cellulite Reducer, of course!)

What a pretty Tray of Creme Brulees!

Once again, whipped cream, berry, and mint leaf were me. Hair toss, Thank You!

So cute--Ryan teaching Zane how to fetch with Chewey!

Momma with her cute little kindergarteners

Umm... Super pathetic. And awkward. (Yes, he killed his toy lobster and moved on to his rope.)

Mom made Ryan an apple pie for his bday! It was dee-lish! And muy bonita.

Okay, who is the best wife EVER?! My best present to him yet, methinks.

Tah-Daaaahhhh!!! Now I should know everything. (Wait, what?!?!)