Friday, July 29, 2011

Teaching Yoga at LaSource Resort

 Amazing things happen when you introduce your body to your mind

The teacher's spot

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"And she'll have Fun, Fun, Fun til her daddy takes the t-bird away!"

So, basically, I'm a phenomenal Grenadian driver, ha ha. :-) 

I am the first to say that I'm not one bit a talented driver, but I seem to have found the balance between confidence and not being cocky, thus ensuring more safe driving. This has become one of these experiences that I'm going to flash-back to during a difficult time. Think self-pep talk: "C'mon, Jess, you can do this! You drove in Grenada and you were awesome!!"

Ryan starts school in a few weeks, and that's good because then I'll have the house to myself for a few hours a day, but I'm gonna miss the high-quality dining I've experienced these last few weeks:

I made the salad; what you see is what you get. But Ryan made me French Onion Soup!! He carmelized the onions forever, then added the broth and other stuff, let that simmer forever, then made the french bread from scratch, then popped everything in the oven!

Even without my bias, it was absolutely the best french onion soup I've ever had in my life! Such a treat! We want to make it for family dinners when we return to Utah in winter time.

While I'm typing up this blog post, this is how Ryan slept.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane; Surely Make You Lose Your Mind...

"By the way, Jess, you'll need to get your driver's license so you can drive my car for the week I'll be gone."


Yes, Mithsouka the Yoga Boss has lent me her car. She asked if I had a driver's license from the States, and that's all. She didn't ask if I ever went to court-ordered anger management classes for reckless driving, she didn't ask if I was a good driver, she didn't ask if I felt comfortable driving on the left side of the road with the driver's seat on the right side of the car, she didn't ask if I've ever been in or caused a car accident...

"I'll drop my car off at your place [Sunday] night; see you then!" When she shows up, she tells me to get in the car.


"Where are we going?"

"You're going to take me home."


Actress face: "Ok."

Luckily it's pitch dark with hardly any cars out. But I'm just like my mom! The whole way home I pepped myself: "Okay! This is fine! You're just fine! You can drive; you can do this. This is fine. Stay on the left. You're fine. Stop at the red light. You're fine..."

No dinged cars or dead bodies so far...   :-)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Heaven is a place, a place where nothing, nothing ever happens....

First of all, who does major electrical work on a Friday afternoon during rainy season? Grenada does!!

Last Friday evening, by the time the electrical workers were at all the bars and 4-5 drinks in, our power went out for the 4th time. Sigh, our freezer and fridge contents were not doing well. I took a permanent marker from my friends' apartment that I'm watching (while they're visiting home) to make me feel better. (Think Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: "I'm taking this love fern with me!")

Humph. So there Grenada! If you're gonna take my electricity away, I'm taking this permanent marker!!

Although the rainy season is upon us, our power is doing SO much better, and today we've actually had the windows open all day. We've never done that before! That's how cool it's been today. :-)

Good news! My personal training certification books 'n' stuff came this week! So excited! Studies are going so far, so good, could be better... I'll do better when every day is no longer a Saturday morning for Ryan, ha ha.

My yoga boss, Mithsouka (a Haitian woman who married a Grenadian man) is going on vacation for a week or so, so that means that I'm taking over! Yikes! On a few days I'll be teaching three classes! I've never done that before; I'm kind of nervous. I hope I don't suck, haha.

Chewey interrupted my yoga...

This is how Ryan stacked the dishes once. Probably my favorite picture ever.

The local name for this stick bug is god horse.

I know it's not a great pic, but can you see the reptilian peeping tom on my shower window?