Monday, March 14, 2011

Chewey at the Beach!!

He was already exhausted and too hot by the time we got there (8 minute walk). He laid down so he could cool off, but the sand was hotter than the air. He found the wet sand from the leaving waves and immediately splattered down. Not one second later, a wave came and he lept up, slightly confused and mostly offended. :-)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Be grateful...

Every once in a while, Ryan and I have time to watch an episode of the TV show "House." (It's about this fabulous diagnostician who is also a jerk and saves people's lives. Pretty good, you should look into it!) Roughly every episode I've seen has a patient who has all these weird symptoms and House has to figure their problems out before they die.

And it makes me extremely grateful for my health. My parents gave me fabulous genes, and luckily I came out of my mom okay. (Ryan's shown me really crazy pictures of new infants with their deformities.) I'm also lucky that I haven't caught any dangerous disease or experienced some horrendous accident.

And how damn lucky are we spoiled, rich Americans to be entitled to pain killers and anesthetics during the times we DO need to be fixed?

Sigh, it's a reason why I exercise everyday--because I can!! And I eat well--because I can and the food is available.

Like I said, damn lucky am I...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This week's adventures

~I managed to empty .5 liters of water into my purse on Friday and Saturday. The waterbottles' lids weren't tight enough on both occasions. Absurd. Don't tell Ryan about Saturday, he only knows about Friday's disaster. He'd tease me relentlessly.

~Ryan is rocking the week before midterms--studying hard, not even stressed. So proud of him.

~I've broken three items that require super glue, but I can't find ours anywhere...

~I got my first Grenada sunburn on Friday. I grossly underestimated the sun at 2:30 at the beach.

~I'm reading Sex With Kings, a book my friend Krystal lent me. I didn't learn about this stuff in my high school history class! I'm amazed how much influence one vagina had in early Europe.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Bougainvilleas are for Hayley

Ice Cream Taste Test

Grenada has its own ice cream brand, Sugar & Spice. I've heard it's an amazing company with amazing products. I assume that it's returned many a Significant Other to his/her fabulous attitude towards the island. I don't doubt it—full fat milk with sugar does change people.
The grocery store a few blocks away from our apartment (Food Fair) sells small cups for a couple US dollars. Each small cup is 145-mL tubs, which according to Google's calculator feature, is equal to 0.612879161 cups. So after a particularly slow day on the island, I decided I was going to have a little adventure! I flip-flopped down to the Food Fair, hoping adolescent men and mosquitoes won't notice me, and grabbed 5 flavors of ice cream! I think the cashier admired my lack of shame, she offered me a plastic spoon. (They do that here--Krystal bought a canned soda once, and she was offered a paper-wrapped straw!) I grinned and said no thank you, I'm heading straight home with them! And forty-five minutes later, here I am with my reviews: 
All of them are thick and fluffy. Pistachio ice cream isn’t salty like I was expecting. I first tasted marshmallows, but after the ice melted into cream on my tongue, I tasted the familiar pistachio. Before I swallowed, I chewed up bits of the actual nut. I’m ambivalent if I like the bits of nut present, and probably won’t commit to a decision, because I probably won’t go out of my way to get Pistachio ice cream again. The flavor, although pleasant, did not overrule the calorie amount.

You can tell that the Chocolate is used with the boxed milk here. It has a very distinct and unfamiliar taste; definitely not you’re your American chocolate. Granted, I have high standards for chocolate ice cream, but I was a teeny bit disappointed. I expected for all of my problems to drift away for a few minutes, but nothing happened. This chocolate ice cream isn’t worth the sin. Choose death by chocolate some other way.

Rum & Raisin is reportedly robust! Its relish rings ridiculously rich and rewarding. Rare the raisins remain in the reservoir of rum; it is, regardless, a real recompense. Roughly, the Rum & Raisin rang rigid, riveting reflections and recoiled reproachful reviews. (Ha ha, that review was fun… This flavor is the most fabulous on its own.)

The first thing I thought of during my critique of the Nutmeg flavor is that this ice cream will go fabulously with pumpkin pie. Imagine all those Thanksgiving bread spices in vanilla ice cream, and you can appreciate Grenada’s spice. You can see the millions of spice dust in every spoonful.  It is a sharply spiced vanilla until you exhale, then you really experience the nutmeg.

I tribute this review to my sister Hayley—French Vanilla is not at all. It is cake batter flavor. And it was glorious! It is the most amazing and slanderous flavor I’ve sampled tonight. For some reason, it is bright yellow, which is a little disconcerting. This flavor also ranks high on the Crave-Fulfilling Scale.