Monday, January 24, 2011

Ok folks, I finally uploaded our apartment video onto my Facebook profile. Check it out! :-)

We live at the Bougainvillea Apartments (Boo-gun-VILL-ea) in Grand Anse. Can you find the Chewey in the living room?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good news, Fun day

So, the lady I spoke with at the Ministry of Agriculture (this is the gatekeeper for Chewey's stay in Grenada) just filled out the paper for me and said it'd be ready to pick up the next day. So I did! I was there like 5 minutes. Such an easy fix! I hope I didn't annoy her too much by saying very often how grateful I was. And I leave for  Grenada's airport tomorrow at 6 a.m. I have my purse packed and ready to go. I'm so excited to see him! He's probably a shaggy little dog--he was due for a haircut 3 weeks ago.

I decided to walk the few miles home from the Ministry of Agriculture. There aren't many roads here, and you can mostly see the ocean provided if there aren't any trees in the way. It was a hot and muggy and sun-in-my-eyes and no-I-don't-need-a-taxi-so-stop-honking-at-me walk. I loved it! I even took a detour to the beach to cool my feet in the ocean--very nice. It's also very mountainous here, which has been fabulous cuz I grew up around the mountains!

Ryan had his White Coat Ceremony yesterday--"No, don't bring the camera!" And of course I wished I brought the camera! Luckily, another spouse of a medical student named Phillip, lent me his. When he emails me the pics I took, I'll post them. Ryan was the only guy from Utah! Others were from Ghana, India, Pakistan, Minnesota, Saudi Arabia, Arizona, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, and Vietnam.Very admirable bunch of people!

I had lunch with a new friend today. Her name is Kristal (or Krystal) and her husband John is also a first-term medical student. And they live in our same apartment complex. We went to the cafe by our place and I had such a fun time! She and John are from Albany, NY and got married 6 months ago. She is very thin, has tight brown curls, and a big pretty smile.

Here is a funny story--They are having their 2 cats shipped down here in March or so. I asked her what their names were, and she paused, as if she couldn't remember.

"Well, for veterinary purposes," she said, "Their names are Willow and Pickles, but I can't remember which is which."


"But when we took them off of our old landlord's hands, he had named them Lil' Shit and Fat Ass. John and I tried to come up with different names for them when we first got them, but we'd forget them after like 3 days, so we just gave up. So we made up the official ones; we didn't want to write 'shit' or 'ass' on the vet's official documents. They're so cute, you'll love Lil'Shit!"

LOL!!  I think she and I will get along splendidly.

I hope things are going well for all of you Utahns!! I think about you guys, working hard in school. I'm so lucky to be associated with such admirable people!

Monday, January 17, 2011

First day of classes...

Ryan started class today! Super exciting! I also did laundry for the first time today too. That means walking to the great on-site washer on the other side of the apartment complex, then walk all the way back behind our apartment to pin each article on the clothesline! I feel like I'm playing house, ha ha...

I'm waiting for Ryan to get "more credit" on my phone so I can call the 14 billion people and places I need to so we can get the rest of the proper paperwork to bring down this goofy shih tzu. Pretty stressed about it. Sigh.

Tonight is the White Coat ceremony. Ryan will be wearing his nice olive suit, and I'll be wearing my over-the-top bright blue satin dress. It's that, or a beach dress. Sigh, I hate overdressing. So embarrassing. I'll look like a Miss Teen Sandy has-been. But he likes it, so I'll just pretend my Miss Piggy dress is normal.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The last week and a half...

Hello everyone! Well, the good news is that Ryan and I have MADE IT to Grenada and have found a great apartment. It was sure a pain getting here tho. We have officially decided to never move to Grenada for the First Time ever again.

Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, I had a nasty reaction to my Lortab medicine that I got from the periodontist--vomit, throwing up, puking, dry heaving; I did it all! So poor Ryan was on his own finishing up loose ends.

We made it to New York Wednesday night with out any problems, and I was feeling much better. However, on the flight to the island of Trinidad, the Caribbean Airlines staff wouldn't allow Chewey on the plane. I had neglected to send/file/finish the proper paperwork; it was all my fault. (Mistakes were made, and were all by me.) So Ryan stayed behind in NYC to figure out "Operation Transport Chewey" while I went ahead to Trinidad to meet our 5 suitcases that were already checked. The best solution possible was for Ryan to leave Chewey at a pet boarding place and fly down to Trinidad a couple of days later. So I lived in a motel for a few days living off of dry cereal, Christmas chocolates and caramels, cranberry juice, and KFC. (There was one across the street of the motel.)

Finally, we arrived in Grenada on Sunday. Customs were a (your choice of explicative here) and we were so exhausted by the time we got to the beautiful hotel. We slept from 8-2pm Grenada time, which meant 5-11 am our body's time.

After we found our apartment, we began to hate everything less, ha ha. On the last night in our hotel, we took a walk on the beach at 1 am. It was gorgeous and quiet and private. The ocean is very warm. We laughed, got stung by a little who-knows-what on our feet, and talked about how different the stars were here than in Sugarhouse.

This is such a great place for the senses. The sun is very hot. It rains off and on, and it is soft and short. The soft ocean waves are so relaxing. There is a cricket here that sounds like a fire alarm out of battery, so that is less relaxing. :-)  The orange juice comes in cans, the cheese is rich, and air smells spicy and pleasant. Sigh, it's been quite an adventure!!