Sunday, June 26, 2011

"This is Grenada"

I discovered a Web site of a conglomeration of people's entertaining experiences on this island. It's called "This is Grenada" or "TIG." Here are some of mine from the past couple of weeks:

  • I went on an early-morning run on Friday---I passed a 24" long and skinny snake on the sidewalk. On the way back, he was dead. He is still there. TIG.
  • We finally bought another pair of sheets! Now we have two! It's low quality and very scratchy, and they cost $120 EC. Grimace. TIG.
  • I woke up with a mosquito bite underneath each of my twins, two on each of my glutes, and one on my inner thigh. (Like, my inner inner thigh.) Sexual molestation is apparently not below the bugs. TIG.
  • My friend Allison and I went to the markets on Friday, and we had to tell several men that we were married and that she was Kia and I was Lindsey. One guy even asked if we'd buy him a plane ticket as we walked away. TIG.
    • Last Friday, she and I got fought over with some bus drivers. ("They're coming on my bus!") One guy even put his hand on my shoulder while he was yelling at the other guy. We told them we were going to walk instead. They immediately quieted, jumped in their buses and took off. TIG.
A cocoa tree

View of St. George's city

Monday, June 20, 2011

May 22 & 23 adventures

We read on the beach in the shade, very nice...

The next day we wandered around the city St. George. I got some amazing pictures of the view of Fort George:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

At home...

Yo guyzez' dirty stuff smells niiice

Haha, this is what he gets for having a wife as a morning person

It's true, he's playing Star Wars Legos. LEGOS!!

My view while sunbathing at the beach

Dessert per Chef Ryan: Mixed berry grunt with nutmeg ice cream & dark chocolate accent. It was delicious!

O that I had a nickel every time he did this! (I love the glass of cranberry juice!) So cute!

Most intense rain storm last night

May 25--another adventure with Doug & Mai

On the 25th of May, we went on a relaxing boat ride to Flamingo Bay (one bay up from Dragon Bay where we went scuba diving with friends). It took over an hour to get there--not a problem. 

Then we experienced the best snorkeling ever! (Of course, life jackets were optional, haha.) Our guide was pretty funny--every time he wanted our attention, he'd yell, "HELLO, HELLO." We saw squid, pretty eels, beaky & bright-colored fish, schools of jack, and I saw an octopus! Surreal. Then we went to another location of an underwater sculpture park. 
Because of the scuba experience days ago, my snorkeling/equalizing really improved. I was keeping up with Ryan pretty well! I wish I had pictures of the fish, but here's a link of the Underwater Sculptures. (click Grenada under the gallery tab.) Next to the bicycle sculpture was a giant sting ray! So amazing, I'll never forget that...

Later that night, Ryan made some incredible bananas foster for dessert using ripe rock figs (a species of banana here), the molasses-smelling brown sugar, and local dark rum. Yum!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ryan and Chewey, Just Chillin'

"I like you, Wyan. Dis is niiice."
He stayed there for 4 whole minutes; I timed it

He totally fell asleep like this. I woke him up after 15 minutes. :-)
Ryan built this tower for me. What a guy...

"Dis is my chair."

Scuba Diving with Friends!!

Nom, nom, nom
I know how to scuba dive! Yay! 

Ryan and I and the other two couples that we’re friends with (Jon & Krystal, Allison & Phillip) did a resort course in the pool a few weeks ago. 

And I thought it was so stupid. Inflating the air vest… was an incredible push-up bra (soooo embarrassing). The pool water was so, SO disgusting—one can see every single floating thing with the mask. I found an old bandage floating around during a practice. 

And just when I thought I acquired MRSA, the instructors declared the pool course completed and herded us all up into a big motorboat and zipped us to Dragon Bay for a shallow dive. 

Phillip, Jon & Krystal
And the dive was incredible!

Off to Dragon Bay
The breathing became very natural and everything slowed down to a meditative speed. Our instructor found a large, soft sea cucumber that we all glided our fingers against. We saw a yellow eel, all kinds of colorful fish. It was such an amazing experience! The dive also helped improve my snorkeling skills. 

SGU viewed from the boat
We didn’t get back until 4, and none of us had had any food since before 11 o’clock that morning. Although we had a phenomenal day on the boat and in the water, the men were repressing how hangry (hungry-angry) they were and us girls were a little spacey and loopy.
After the dive, walking to food

We desperately stumbled into De Big Fish for lunch-dinner.

Daresay it was the best meal we’ve ever had! Satiation can be pretty intoxicating.

We had such a fun time!