Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day

Ryan once again outdid himself. It was a Valentine's Day that makes others not involved or have reached the standard feel bad--flowers, chocolates, 5-course meal, verbal expressions of deep affection, and a massage. I gave him a card.

Sigh, my gifts suck.

The only flowers for sale.

Ryan at the beach

"Babe, smile!"

 "Aww, c'mon, babe! Smile!"
 "LOL, I bet I can make you smile..."
At least I broke him a little bit...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This week

So doing laundry is expensive--roughly $10 US per week, and that's just the washer. I bought a small tub, probably holds a couple of gallons of water, and I've been washing things by hand and hanging them up to dry on the clothesline in the back. Been very successful so far, although it's time-consuming. But oh well, what else is occupying my time? :-)

This morning Ryan threw up. In between heaves, he bellowed, "My wife's trying to poison me!" Goof ball even when he's vomiting, haha! (And just for the record, he bought food for lunch and dinner for himself yesterday.)

The veterinary system is hilarious here. Chewey's skin was acting up pretty bad in New York, and I ran out of his medicine after a few weeks of him being here. So I called the animal hospital by SGU to make an appointment. On the day of, I took a taxi because they're the only public transportation that allows animals. And taxis are expensive. I know the drill--Sugarhouse Veterinary Hospital had always taken a skin-scraping, (which bugged me--I know you'll give me more ivermectin and some anti-biotic pills, and the whole visit on average will be something like $100) and, of course, gave me some anti-biotic pills and more ivermectin.

So we arrive at the St. George's Animal Hospital, and the entire appointment is carried on in the reception area. No one takes Chewey and I back, no one even LOOKS at my dog, but they fill out an ivermectin prescription for a very inexpensive price, gives me no side effects knowledge, and sent us on our way.

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore/Chewey, I don't think we're in Utah anymore.

A few weeks later, Chewey's skin is improving, but he usually gets a minor topical infection when his skin gets this bad. They didn't give me any pills, cuz I only asked for ivermectin. So I called them again, asked for an anti-biotic, which they're like, "Sure! We'll have it ready for you in 10 minutes!" and I go pick up without Shih Tzu. They have no organization of who is helping who, and half the time I was there was me waiting for my change for the pills.

I'm thrilled. Both trips cost less than a trip to the grocery store, while back in the US, two trips would've cost 8 weeks worth of groceries. But what if I called them and said that Chewey now has, like trouble sleeping, may I please have some Valium for me? Er, him? What would they do? :-)

Now I know we're not in Kansas...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pictures from the White Coat Ceremony...

Where they give you a white coat for doing nothing, basically.

Lol, Ryan keeps saying he's a doctor already, and I have to remind him of the truth...