Saturday, February 11, 2012

Good Bye, Hard Life, Don't Cry, Would you let it Ride?

Once upon a time, in October 1986, Van and Andrea Evans gave birth to me. Twenty-five years later, I was living in the wonderful and maddening island called Grenada. And that's when my sister Hayley sent me a birthday present.

She informed me that mailed it just a little too late; it probably won't arrive on the island until after my birthday. No worries! I was just delighted that I was getting a package in the mail; it's one of my favorite things. :-)  My landlord's assistant said that the post office calls them when something arrives for one of their tenants, and she goes herself to pick it up. Awesome! So it's really going to come right to my door. Happy Birthday to me!

October came and went. November almost left before I took it upon myself to go to the post office on my own. There was a package from my mom as expected: postmarked October 21st.

And I clearly asked them if this was all that there was for me--that there were no other letters or packages for me. She said no.

When December rolled around, Hayley asked me if I'd received her present yet. I frowned and said no.

"What did you put in the envelope? Nothing valuable?" I asked.

"No," Hayley replied, "Just lots of papers, some stickers, some autumn leaves from Logan." [Logan is a small college town north of Salt Lake City.] I later learned that she made small slips of paper of Activities To Do When You're Bored. That is easily one of the most thoughtful gifts ever. I get misty just thinking about it. :-)

My shoulders sank in perplexed disappointment. No one would steal anything like that, would they? Hmm...

OH BUT DON'T WORRY EVERYONE! Because in the early afternoon on January 30, 2012, someone placed a delightful manilla envelope under my doormat! (No knocking. Coward didn't want to face the recipient's rampage.)

Fabulous stickers, sorry leaves          

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