Friday, March 2, 2012

How Do You Succeed in Business... When You're REALLY, REALLY trying?

It's March 2nd, and I have a thriving in-home personal training business and a full yoga class clientele.

Well, kind of.

I think I'm experiencing the part of running your own business called discouragement?

I was experiencing full yoga classes of 5 people (a lot for me!) in January and February and had accumulated 5 training clients and possibly two more. I felt like I was working up to 30-35 hours a week there for a while! (That means 50 hours/week in Utah. I add on more hours because my phone is worse that the one I got for Christmas in 1999; the bus drivers are 100% on time, 40% of the time; and there is nowhere in 1,000 miles where I can get more equipment that I need.) But then midterms showed up. My schedule today consisted of teaching evening yoga and four client sessions today. Today, after several text messages, I have one client appointment and my one yoga class.

I shouldn't let it get to me because I should know better--I've been a student before! When midterms/finals arose, the entire world needed to go away until they were over, and then we would be friends again.

Oh well. I guess it's good I'm learning this now in my own "internship" instead of the real world where the bills depend on my money. And now I have time to hit the books and the Google to find more ways to improve my service and business!

Time for a pot of lemon grass tea and hit the books...

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