Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tales of a High-Strung Mass Comm Major's "Fingernails-On-A-Chalkboard"

Part 1

There are a small handful of things that come naturally to me. Correcting spelling and grammar errors is one of them. So every time I see a sign in public like the following, I have to actively repress my carnal, cave-woman urges to not start screaming incoherently:

This is taped on our complex's washer. I have to look at this 2nd grade level sentence every time I do laundry. It just adds to my contempt for it all.

This one, I'm not 100% sure about--it could be a European way to spell "energizing." It's still ugly, though.

It's "sanitary napkinSSSSS" or cut the "all," you dolt! Are you plural, or are you singular? Pick one! You can't have both! C'mon, it's university bathroom! And where's my semi-colon after the "provided for you"? That's not even everything that is wrong with this sign... They're trying to provoke me, aren't they? I'm already having one of my "delightful woman" days, and they purposefully write destroy this phrase.

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